Q. How much will it cost to hire a PI?

A. The cost of any of our services can vary on a number of factors including how many operatives are required for the task. The time that is required to be spent on the task will depend on the nature of the instructions. Generally, the cost is £40.00 – £50.00 per hour per investigator. We always aim to accommodate your budget and therefore we are very happy to discuss your requirements and budget with you and offer a strategy for obtaining the results in the most cost effective way possible.

For a free consultation and a quote, contact us today.

Q. Can you guarantee a result?

A. All of our investigators hold a very high success rate. However, we could not give you a solid guarantee of a result as in some cases it is just not possible. Numerous factors mean that a guaranteed outcome is impossible. We do however guarantee that our investigators will cover every avenue of approach possible to get you the result.

Q. Could my Partner find out it is me having him/her observed?

A. We understand that you may be concerned that your partner may find out that you have hired us to observe him/her. We will never, in any circumstances, reveal to your Partner that you have instructed us. We hold your details in the strictest confidence and will never discuss your personal or case details with any third parties including your partner. We take all precautions to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

Q. How will I keep in contact with you without anyone knowing?

A. We will discuss and agree with you the best way to keep in contact following the receipt of your instructions. We can use a multitude of discreet communications during the duration of your case. All of these can be discussed with you so you can determine the best and easiest option for you.

Q. When could you start my case?

A. We aim to get you case underway as soon as possible following your instructions. We have agents available 24/7. To find out when we can start your case, please call or email us now.

Q. What expenses will I be expected to pay?

We will attempt to avoid incurring any expenses where possible. However, sometimes it will be impossible to avoid incurring expenses, in which case we keep expenses to a minimum. Some of the most common expenses include:

  • Travel costs

  • Parking fees

  • food and drink where necessary

Q. Is it legal?

A. Yes, absolutely. We only operate within the law and ethically at all times.

Q. I am hesitant to get in touch as I don’t know what to expect.

A. Don’t worry, the vast majority of people get in touch with us feeling the same way. There is no need to be anxious.

When you contact us for your free consultation, you will put in touch with an experienced investigator who will help you relax while obtaining all the necessary information to advise you on what is required to achieve the outcome and the associated costs.

You will not be pressurised into instructing us. Our consultations are entirely free to allow us to discuss the circumstances with you and then it is entirely up to you as to whether you wish to go ahead.

Please don’t feel embarrassed or anxious about speaking with the investigator. All of your conversations are totally confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else.

Q. I am aware this industry consists of mostly male investigators. Is it possible to arrange a consultation with a female?

A. Yes. We understand that it is sometimes easier speaking about sensitive information with a female. That is why we have female consultants at hand to help make your case as comfortable as possible for you.

Q. Are your investigators up to the job?

A. Yes, without a doubt. Our investigators all come from police or military backgrounds with extensive experience in surveillance, intelligence and investigations. They are all trained to an extremely high standard. They also all hold nationally recognised qualifications in surveillance and investigations.

We equip all of our operatives with the best available equipment to conduct any task they may be required to conduct.


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